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Deployment Manager and Inspector 1.7 Released



Loads of new features, bugfixes and improvements inside! Click here to view the detailed release notes.

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New Features

Deployment Manager: User Profiles

When you next visit or sign-in to the console over at you will see your Google Account Profile picture in the header. Hover over it to confirm which account you are signed in with and to get the ‘Sign Out’ option.

Deployment Manager: Redesigned Status History Sidebar

We have redesigned the Status History Sidebar; you now have dedicated tabs for the Details pane and the Snapshots pane (as well as the new Alerts pane) to give more space and reduce the amount of scrolling required.

Deployment Manager: Alert Timeline

The Alert Timeline shows you when certain Fabric Status metrics went into an alerting state (the same alerts which drive the Traffic Light health indicator for your deployment). You can use the links and logs buttons to the right of each alert to deep-link into the Inspector at that time to help you diagnose the issue further.

Deployment Manager: Snapshot Filtering and Pagination

The Snapshot Browser added in Release 1.6 now features the ability to filter the list of snapshots between specific times to help you find the snapshot you are looking for; likewise the list is now paginated to improve page performance on deployments with lots of snapshots and make it easier to navigate.

Deployment Manager: UTC Timestamps

The Deployment Manager and Kibana (our Log Viewer) now show dates and times as UTC timestamps (before dates would be localised based on system time) - this helps you track events across our tools. You can hover over a date to get a friendly version.

Deployment Manager: Assembly Browser Improvements

We have added pagination, sorting and searching to the Assembly browser.

Deployment Manager: Display Fabric Version

The Fabric Version used by your deployment (including archives) is now shown as part of the Details pane.

Inspector: 2D View

The Inspector’s World Viewer now defaults to the new 2D view which removes all perspective from the display making it easier to locate entities and understand their X and Y position. The Inspector can still be toggled back to 3D view using the marked controls in the bottom left.

Inspector: Find Entity by Id

The Inspector now features a “Find Entity by Id” control which can be used to jump to a specific entity’s details without having to first locate it into the World Viewer. This new control can be found in the bottom right, beneath the Entity List.

Inspector: Improved Entity List

The Entity List has had a number of improvements made including filtering by name and the ability to sort by Count or Entity Type and the ability to select multiple EntityTypes by holding down CTRL on Windows (or CMD on Mac) or by Shift-Clicking between two list items.

Inspector: Improved Worker List

The Worker List has had a number of improvements made including filtering by and and the ability to sort by Proximity to the viewport, Load and Name. You can now also select multiple workers, when multiple workers are selected they will be assigned their own colour so you can visually identify them in the World Viewer.

Inspector: Rulers and Selection Coordinates

2D Mode features rulers, and a grid which can be toggled between displaying World or Chunk boundaries from the Settings Panel (the cog icon). The bounding box shown when selecting multiple entities now shows the width and height of the selection.

Inspector: GSIM and Worker Boundary Visualisation

The Inspector will now visualise the boundary of a given Worker’s (or GSIM’s) area of interest in the World Viewer by drawing a coloured outline.

Inspector: Selection Toggle Button

You can now toggle between single select and multi-select using the control in the bottom right of the Inspector’s World Viewer.

Bugfixes and Improvements

Deployment Manager: Archive List Ordering

There was a small bug where your Project’s archives may have been sorted out of Date order.

Deployment Manager: Firefox Fixes

We’ve fixed a couple of minor bugs which were affecting Firefox users; we try to make sure the Inspector and Deployment Manager both work in Firefox but encourage our users to use Chrome.

Inspector: Sort Ordering Persistence

Custom sort order for both the Entity List and Worker List is now persisted as you navigate around the Inspector.

Inspector: Multi-Selection Improvements

Clicking on a single entity in the World View will now clears any previously selected entities.

Inspector: EntityId added to ToolTip on Hover

An Entity’s Id is not shown alongside its EntityType when you hover over a point in the Inspector.