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Deployment Manager and Inspector 1.8 Released



New features, bugfixes and improvements inside! Click this announcement to view the detailed release notes.


New Features

Inspector: Entity Component Tree Browser

The Entity Component browser has been overhauled. You can now expand, collapse and filter the component namespaces

Bugfixes and Improvements

Deployment Manager: Artifact View

The number of artifacts shown on screen has been increased to match the number shown by the assembly screen.

Deployment Manager: Project/Deployment Name Missing from Header

The Project and Deployment name were supposed to be visible from the Deployment Overview screen.

Inspector: Entity Selection Improvements

When two or more entities are stacked on-top of each other, the Inspector will now favour the entity with the highest z-index. Additionally, if the user has selected an EntityType, that will also be taken into consideration.

Inspector: Navigation Fixes

The “back” button in the Inspector’s Sidebar is now more consistent.

Inspector: Heatmap Mode Fixes

We’ve fixed a couple of minor bugs in Heatmap mode

Inspector: Toggle View Mode Keyboard Shortcut

The “P” key will now toggle between 2D and 3D modes.

Inspector: Performance Improvements

The Inspector has undergone some tweaks under the hood for smoother performance in both 2D and 3D modes.

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