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Deployment Manager: Projects Page Update



We’ve made some changes to the projects page of the deployment manager in order to make it easier to access the deployments you care about. We’ve given the page a facelift and added a couple new features the should reduce the time spent looking for deployments that are important to you:

More deployment metadata & sortable headers

We now surface a lot more data about your deployments and allow you to sort them by name, worker count, cluster or creator.

Recently visited deployments

We’ve totally redesigned the recently visited deployments section to make it clearer, whenever you view a deployments overview page it will be added to this here.


We’ve added a filter box to search among your deployments by name, creator or tags. You can also use the drop-down at the right to filter by cluster.

If you’ve got feedback we’d love to hear it, please fill out this form or comment on this thread, thanks!