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Distribution of packages (GDK / SDKs / Plugins)


Today I was refactoring my heartbeat scripts (previously wrote them using the experimental monobehaviours, but I am migrating back to the normal readers / writers) and I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to publish a heartbeat script onto the Friends Of Spatial github repository so that others may just include it.

The ‘problem’ here would be that if I would want this to be a drop-in solution, then I would need some way to automatically install the schema for the heartbeat as well. And without some user copy pasting this would not be possible.

This is a limitation that the UnitySDK has too, since it contains scripts outside of the Assets folder, and I was wondering if Improbable is planning to provide a package manager, or something similar, to deploy SDKs, GDKs and userland plugins?


Hello @draconigra,

Sorry for the belated response, but better later than never as they say!

The Unity GDK team are quite well aware that the distribution is indeed an issue as you point it out. They are definitely keen on tackling it as soon as possible but at the moment their focus lies more on the implementation of the core of the GDK.

As a result we do not have any definitive answers on this topic at the moment but it is without doubt one off the next important things that will need to be tackled. When the team will move forward they will certainly share their thoughts in this very topic or on their other updates.

Best regards,