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DNA Based Server Storage



Does the SpatialOS team plan to incorporate this in the future?

If so, in what timeframe?

How will data migration take place?


Hi there Wilford,

Can you explain what you mean by DNA based server storage? We’re not really sure what you mean there.

Cheers, Chris


Sorry, that was poorly worded.

Is there any chance that the servers that store “game” information can use
DNA digital data storage in the future to
mitigate bitrot and increase longevity of the “game” world?


Didn’t know that exists, but it is an interesting approach!

I have some questions about it:


I am building is a periodical rouge-like MMORPG. If a player completes their objectives correctly during their life, they are allowed to return to life in the current periodical. If they are still alive at the end of the season, and have been meeting all of their goals, they are allowed to play in the following season.

I require DNA Storage to ensure the quality of the game world and player characters. Without it, accurately transfering information from one player character to the next after many seasons will be impossible.

Microsoft seems to be closest, but no APIs as of yet.


Why would the data accuracy be affected if the data was stored in something other than a complex series of nucleotides? I’ve never heard of DNA storage and would love to know more about it!..we literally live in the future.


Because of bit rot.

DNA Storage would allow for longer server uptime (longer seasons in the case of my ‘game’)

It’s all very interesting! :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to talk at more length about what I am building, but am not a very business savvy person so am worried about saying too much publicly and having my ideas taken.


Because of bit rot.

Hm, as i understand this is about the game code itself, not the data. If the game code gets unstable over time this may affect the data as well, no matter where it is stored.

But maybe i can’t fully understand your position because of the missing parts you won’t tell :slight_smile: