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Does anyone know if a game can exist over multiple worlds


I was wondering how a large game could be established. Most of them have portal connected separate areas when a players character can travel to and return. Those areas may have different ecological systems like, desert, mountainous, water only, Frozen. etc.
Would that be possible or are we constrained to the area we have.
If we are can different parts of that area have separated ecological systems?


Hello @MrMajorThorburn,

Welcome to the SpatialOS forums! I hope you will find yourself at home here. :smile:

I am not entirely sure about the exact (potential) limitations that you are referring to but it is safe to say that SpatialOS will not get in the way of your imagination, on the contrary! Our goal is to give you the means to create exactly the game world that you want without having to deal with compromises on the complexity and size of your world because of the limited computation power of a single server & game engine instance.

For the specific example that you are speculating with: you can definitely have multiple “zones” in your world with varying ecologies, climates, etc. These could either be linked via portals, or they could literally be physically next to each other just like two countries or continents. You don’t even need to make use of loading screens or other artificial separations between these zones if you don’t want to as SpatialOS will make sure that players can roam around freely.

I hope this kind-of answers your questions. Feel free to follow-up and dig deeper. Many other developers around will be able to give you their own ideas on game design and how to best use SpatialOS to turn your imagination into something real. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,