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Encryption and Security



I am by no means a security expert, but I am curious what kind of security issues would exist if I were to send voice/chat data through spatialos in an attempt to let players communicate with one another.

If i wanted more security, what would exactly would need to be done? If i were to hazard a guess, encrypt the voice data on the client’s machine, then send that encrypted voice/chat data through a spatialos component and then decrypt it on the receiving users’ ends? I suppose the worker could decrypt it? Unsure. Some insight would be greatly appreciated.


Technically there isn’t a reason you couldn’t just send it through a Spatial Worker and be “secure” given the code allows you to set who can read/write data.

  1. Client A saves and sends voice packet (attached to the player’s avatar)
  2. Worker receives it
  3. Client B requests latest voice packet from Client A via worker
  4. Worker sends it
  5. Client B receives and plays it

But, encrypting would definitely help. Not to mention you would probably want to compress the data as well for efficiency sake.


thanks, VectorX, so I’m assuming i should be using some sort of encryption library for c# before writing the data to a spatialos component?


I would yes.