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Enhancement: Spatial Diagnose




Version: 8.0.0

When setting up I misread and installed mono 4.6.2 instead off 4.4.2 (user error I know :smiley:). I quite rightly ran into certain problems because of my wrong doings (such as the launcher) with version 4.6.2 but when running the spatial diagnose tool it reported that I was all good to go even with 4.6.2.

Include some type off spatial.lock file with the CLI that stores relevant dependencies and specific versions required for the specific CLI version you are running and amend diagnose to check more thoroughly and report any mismatches. This in my case at least would of meant I would have caught my mistake much sooner before starting the first tutorial.


Hey @jonsharratt,

Great shout! I actually ran into this myself when switching operating systems, so I’d say it’s at least an easy error to make :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve raised a feature request on your behalf :support:


@morrison thanks for taking a look at this and raising a feature request for it! :boom:


I remember well the days back on version 4.0.0 when @rok sidled over to my desk with a grin…“we’ve got a gift for you, Callum”

Spatial diagnose is single handedly the greatest thing written by an intern ever. In terms of pure value-add it’s been…well…invaluable :smiley:
Thanks for your suggestion !