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Evotopia : MMORPG in VR


Hey guys!

I’d like to share the project we have been working on for a year: Evotopia

Evotopia is a VR MMORPG that takes place in a biotechnological universe where nature & technology have fused together.
Together, the players must protect their town by exploring wildlands to face its threat and discover the origins of this mysterious world.
Cooperation is at core of our experience.

In order to bring a breath of fresh air to this genre, we re-imagined every gameplay mecanics from scratch.
We would like the community to take part in our adventure, by helping us shaping the final gameplay of our game:
What kind of features would you like to see in a VR MMORPG?

If you want to chat with us, and debate about gameplay mecanics, here is our Discord:
If you just want to be noticed with a public Beta is available, you can leave you email here:

See you in game :wink: