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Example project Unreal local deployment

I just finished the example project. It worked (I am a novice concerning visual studio and compiling)!!

Some little remarks.

  • I had to adjust the UNREAL_HOME variable to c:\UnrealEngine\UnrealEngine. Because if you run the git command in c:\UnrealEngine a map UnrealEngine is added. Luckily an other person had the same problem.
  • After launching a local deployment, I had 2 windows running. But no idea how to switch between 2 windows. It is ALT + TAB.

Greetings from the Netherlands

Hi there @Henk-Massink,

Lemme know if you need any help.
Great seeing other dutch folks here :wink:

veel plezier met spatial. (Have fun with Spatial :wink: )


Hey @Henk-Massink,

A big hello and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Thanks for this feedback, it’s always good to hear from the community. I’ll pass it on to our teams!


Next step for me is waiting for the 4.22 version. My project is already in 4.22. The 4.22 version is coming in June I read.

Is the Unreal 4.22 version already available?