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Feature request for a PropertyDrawer for the Coordinates class



I make extensive use of the Coordinates class because my world is technically too large for Vector3’s and the Coordinates class makes clear that this is the canonical unit (I have Coordinate Remapping in place so anything else is considered non-canonical).

Unfortunately, I cannot see the contents of a Coordinates property in the Unity Inspector. Something which would be quite nice. I have tried to implement my own but either I’m doing it wrong or the Coordinates class is not serializable.

As such I would like to request if a PropertyDrawer for the Coordinates class can be implemented.


Thanks for the idea, I’ve raised a ticket. This seems like one of those simple little things that would make life easier!


Absolutely, also: to have the Coordinates class serializable will prevent some confusion. I tried to pass an object as a serialized string from the Client to the FSim (ugly, I know ;)) and I noticed that Coordinates are not serialized :slight_smile: I got a nice Coordinates.ZERO back from my deserialization