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Feedback on the Unreal Integration for SpatialOS



Hey Improbable Staff,

Got some feedback on the Unreal Engine Integration for Spatial OS.
Here are some things that stood out to me.

  • The build times for Unreal Engine take a long time. Would it be possible to get an .uplugin for Unreal Engine that we can use with the binary version of UE4? Just curious on this.

  • Documenting what the Objects and Components do and how to use them would go a long way to helping others get started with Unreal Engine and Spatial OS.

  • While I am building my game on Unreal Engine. I noticed that Unity was installed with the chocolaty command

choco spatial setup install-dependencies --sdk-version=10.4.0

It would be awesome to have Unity install as a separate command from the mainline dependencies. This just adds “bloat” to my Spatial OS install. I am pretty sure you guys know about this though.

  • The command line stuff can get confusing at times. I am mainly an artist but I have done some command line back in the days of Windows 95 I think putting some batch files together for the more complicated stuff. That the user can modify would be helpful for people who have never used command line.

Hope this helps,


Good feedback :smile:

Good news is I believe alot of it is being worked on / being planned for the future. I know maknig spatialos into a UE4 plugin was on there asap list and I think (dont quote me) that SpatialOS 11 UE4 update should have it as a plugin.

Also I believe they where working on button(s) / a window for UE4 just like Unity has, that will allow you do click a button to rebuild, regen schema files, ect.


This is me right now after reading this.


Hello @HeadClot,

For your third point, i.e to not install Unity as part of the setup install-dependencies command, this is something we have already as a target. No delivery date yet unfortunately. But it is coming in the future, rest assured. :wink:

Best regards,



We’re currently reworking how SpatialOS integrates with the Unreal Build Tool to reduce the number of things that need to be built. Our ideal experience for an Unreal developer is indeed that they can download the binary UnrealEngine and hit the ground running.

Ultimately, we need to build the Server version of the Unreal Engine so it can run in the cloud, and the only way to do that (currently) is to build the engine from source, since Epic don’t provide the necessary Server files with the binary version of Unreal. We know this isn’t ideal, and we’re looking at a few different solutions to this. :slight_smile:

More (and better) Unreal documentation and tutorials are in the pipeline; what we have currently is definitely barebones.

Thanks for the feedback!