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First feedback on new in-unity window



I love the idea of being able to manage everything from within Unity so I had to take a look at the new SpatialOS window in Unity. So far I have the following feedback in the few moments that I used it:

  1. The window doesn’t fit well in a small space; I wanted to add it as a tab to my inspector panel and that means some of the UI elements are no longer usable because they are off-screen (working on a 13 inch MacBook Pro)
  2. Starting spatial locally opens a new window in the default terminal app, having an extra random window popup is kind of jarring and makes me not want to use this function. I would prefer it if the output is visible in a special console window / pane.
  3. I am going to assume this is in the making but the component may need a designer’s / UX touch :wink: (I like shinies ;))
  4. What are add-ons? What can I do with add-ons? :slight_smile:


All great feedback!

We were at a push to even get it working for 10, so you can expect big improvements now as we go forward. :slight_smile:

Addons are really a placeholder at the moment. You can’t do anything with them yet, but it’s a possible avenue for shipping SpatialOS Unity plugins in the future. In the short term, they will be opt-out pieces of functionality (such as Coordinate remapping).


I would love to have a way for local deployments to broadcast its status on a local network so that my teammates can be in the same project and connect to eachother using the window.


Very excited to see how this gets improved upon in the near future. It was one of our most requested features and it’s going to be amazing to see how we can ensure that it hits expectations through all your feedback!