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Flexible project layout is now in beta


Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce that the flexible project layout (FPL) has reached beta maturity.

The flexible project layout allows you to freely organise your project files and dependencies using any directory structure you like. It also gives you full control over the build process which lets you integrate your preferred tools and build systems more easily. Feel free to try it out by having a look at the documentation and our example project.

Although the FPL is still in beta, we recommend that you start using it, especially if you are creating a new SpatialOS project from scratch. We are in the process of promoting it to stable maturity already! The FPL is also designed to become the new default for organising projects, replacing the current project structure, referred to as the structured project layout (SPL). The GDKs for Unity and Unreal will adopt the FPL as it becomes stable.

If you have an existing project that uses the SPL, you can migrate it to the FPL following the instructions in our migration guide. Please refer to the changelog section of our documentation for news and updates on this feature.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the FPL and how we can improve the feature even further. Please let us know your feedback here or on our Discord channel!

Cheers and happy coding!