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FPL not on Unity GDK roadmap anymore


I’ve been working with the flexible project layout for some time now, I really like it, placing Unity on the back burner until it’s FPL compatible.

FPL for Unity GDK was on the roadmap but not anymore?

Should I migrate back to a structured layout?


Hi @SionoiS,

The reason why you’re not seeing it on the roadmap is that it wasn’t in the SpatialOS GDK for Unity so was removed (sorry for the confusion).

However, if you’re looking to transition your project to either of the SpatialOS GDKs (Unity or Unreal Engine), then you should revert back to the use of the structured project layout.

Both SPL and FPL are still supported, so if you’re not planning on using the SpatialOS GDK then FPL as it currently exists will continue to be available for you to work with.

Hope that helps,


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