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Game Jam - Rules & F.A.Q



hey everyone

Here are the rules and regulations for our game jam.

This is our first game jam and things are likely to change on the fly. We will do our best to be fair, open and transparent but we do reserve the right to make changes where necessary.

General rules & pointers

  • Maximum team size is 5 people.
  • Only registered teams / individuals will be conisdered for prizes
  • Teams that collaborate with Improbable Staff are still eligible for prizes.
  • This year’s game jam is open to both remote and in-house submissions. You must register to work in house by the 8th February. Instructions can be found in our original blog post:
  • You are free to develop your submission using any software tools or platforms you have legal license to use: but they must be on SpatialOS :slight_smile:
  • You are allowed to use any existing assets, and other resources that you have legal license to use. This includes using open source and Creative Commons licensed materials. When using materials you did not create, be sure to attribute the source. We expect the bulk of the code to be written during the GameJam!
  • Your submission will need to address the theme (which will be announced at the start of the game jam). Feel free to interpret it in different ways.
  • Your submission to the game jam will be openly available to the rest of the game development community.
  • Extra points will given for a completely open-source game!
  • Be thoughtful about the game you make and submit to the game jam.

We will judge the games on Monday 13th, starting at 5pm GMT. If your deployment isn’t running, we will run it for you using the data from your submission.

Eligibility for prizes

For your game to be eligible for prizes it must…


Submissions must contain the following:

  • a link to a valid deployment
  • the deployment command used to launch it ( so that we can re-launch it for you if needed for the judging )
  • the description of game, controls, which platform is supported etc
  • a link to open source goodness
  • a single “game in a frame” screen grab


Q: Why are you doing a game jam?

A: We’re extremely grateful for all of the community ideas, feedback and feature requests we’ve had so far: this is our way of giving back to all of you by giving you a chance to turn your fun idea into something real :slight_smile:

Q: How does the “promise prize” work? Do I work for Improbable?

A: We’ll have to work out the logistics depending on who wins…but ideally we’d dedicate some engineering and creative resources to take the project to the next level - we’ll try to find something that works best for the winners!

Q: I’d like to join a team, how do I go about doing so?

A: If you’re in-house we’ll do some fun matchmaking exercises. If you’re remote when you register make sure you list your skill && team requirements. I’ll do a post listing everyone who is jamming and what they do, and make sure everyone gets into a team :slight_smile:

Q: How do I register? Do I need to?

A: Yes please! As detailed here please email with the relevant information. Both internals and externals are required to sign up!

Q: Can I enter remotely?

A: Yes! Please sign up as mentioned above and we can help you find a team if you’d like.

Q: What is the theme?

A: We’ll announce it on the day!

Q: Will there be food?

A: We will supply some food on Friday 10th as well as some snacks for the weekend. There’s loads of places to eat in Farringdon and we’ll be happy to help you find them :slight_smile:

Q: Can I stay overnight?

A: Nope. Our offices close at 10pm on the Friday and Saturday, and on the Sunday we finish the game jam at 6pm.

Q: What happens after the jam? When do I find out if I won?

A: The judging will happen on Monday 13th: we’ll try our hardest to announce the winners that same week.

Q: what requirements need to be met to have an open source game? Can free
assets from the asset store be used?

A: Absolutely. Any requirements the assets have on being shared (ie, a mention or a licence) must be met before hand.

I’ll be updating this doc organically based on feedback. Keep checking in :slight_smile:

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Should we expect a response to our registration email, confirming we are registered?
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