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Game Jam Winners!



Yesterday, Rex Crowle (Lead Creator on Tearaway, and generally all around lovely chap) popped in and had a great time playing all of the submissions. The decisions are as follows:

drum roll

Category: “Showing promise”
Genuinely the most impressive 1 man army submission I’ve ever seen: “Impossible to Survive” from @cascaid takes the promise prize, as well as best in show. @cascaid we’ll be in touch about working with you to get this game to the next level!
Rex’s comments: “It’s the game we explored and enjoyed for longest”

Category: “Strongest take on the theme”
Awarded because Rex is quoted as saying “it really is impossible to find anyone” :smiley: @daschatten congratulations to you and your team! A great submission, and open source too! Fantastic stuff.

Category: “Most fun”
I know this was the “popular vote” category: but without the share-flow improvements we have planned for v10 it was impossible to get a big enough audience. Rex and I played this together for absolutely ages and we had a great time. Rex said the thumb-stick movement was a bit “vomity” but in general was a smooth and fun experience. Coming to an open source repo near you!

Category: “Best art”
I know that @draconigra worked super hard on all his post processing shaders, and @judah4, @brendan.fosberry, @morrison and @andrew worked really well together across the oceans. A beautiful little title with a great mechanic. Something we’ll be playing with in the office for sure! We’ll be working hard to open source this soon!

Well done to all winners. I’ll be in touch for your choice of prize, address and other details.
Thanks so much for taking part!
Onwards! Warriors! :success:

Cal <3 :support:


Good work everyone!




Congrats Flo! Great effort :slight_smile: mini-Sega, mini-Atari or a raspberry pi?!


What versions each? The newest available? E.g. Raspberry 3?


Please spam gameplay videos of all!


Hehe will do! We got some great footage yesterday


Of course :slight_smile:


Jeej! Congrats to all! It was an amazing Game Jam!


Awesome job everyone!


Woop! GG’s all around everyone! And thanks to you guys @callumb for hosting the event, it was a pretty fun experience. ^. ^

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