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Game Jam!



We’re super excited to announce we’ll be hosting a Game Jam for SpatialOS users on February 11th and 12th 2017. Details will be coming in January about the prizes and the rules. If you’re interested, reply to this forum post or email to give us an idea of numbers.



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I am most definitely interested! Though whether I am able to make it depends on where it is and how much it costs to go and stay there :confounded:


@draconigra remote attendance is absolutely fine and encouraged. We can help you find and join a team remotely, or you can submit something yourself :slight_smile:


That would be splendid! It would be even more awesome if you know a team I could join so that I can participate instead of spearhead; though I don’t mind submitting something on my own :smiley: I’ll be giving it some thought if I can find an original (and doable) topic :smiley:


definitely interested!


I can see a customer champion team forming…we just need @daschatten to join and then our in-house team will have a rival !




Sorry, can’t say right now… know more mid january!


I’m certainly interested, just not sure if I’ll have the time for it.


Dare say we would be interested too. Put us down.


Same here We are interested :slight_smile:


I’m participating remotely from Hamar, Norway.