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What types of games are people developing?

I’m interested in the types. Currently I’m looking at developing a Settlers like civilization game but allowing for multiple people spread across a world. And having people join and leave at different times during the game.


I’m building a A fantasy MMORPG where the player base decides the storyline in a pseudo medieval setting. Much to explore, loads to do, crafting, gathering, questing, players incorporated in the story lines, housing, city building… It’ll be fun :smiley:


Great question! You can view a full list of titles on our ‘Games’ page on the SpatialOS site.

The quick answer is that the types of titles being made run the gamut from all genres. Here’s a brief rundown of the ones I’m familiar with:

  • An MMO Tower-Defence title set across a persistent galaxy with 1,000s of planets

  • An inverse Sim City style communal construction game where players take on the role of an entrepreneur growing their business. Heavy simulation aspects are running on SpatialOS to quantify value of buildings, foot traffic and various other macro and micro economic data.

  • Survival games with 1,000s if players that utilise vibrant ecologies for a dynamic world and distributed physics to allow for physical crafting and emergent gameplay.

  • Player driven open worlds, from fantasy to current day. These can include 1,000s of players and AI or purely player driven experiences.


I’m working on a Post-Apocalyptic survival/builder/explorer type game. It’s something I’ve had in mind for a couple of decades that Spatial now makes possible! :slight_smile:


For anyone who’s still interested, we have a great testimonials video from GDC that covers a few of the developers I linked to above and the reasons they started using SpatialOS as well as what it enabled them to achieve!


I am currently working on Elrakis; a narrative-focused Sci-Fi MMORTS where you control an ancient mothership and try to resurrect an alien race that is believed to be your race’s progenitor.