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GDC 2019 Session Talks now available to watch


Hey all,

During GDC 2019, some of you asked whether our Session Talks in the West Hall would be available later to watch. I can now share these videos with you and you can watch them here or on our YouTube channel.

Here are the talks and what they were about:

The talk on the SpatialOS GDK for Unity:

During this GDC talk, our CEO Herman Narula, Chief Product Officer Rob Whitehead and Software Engineer Jessica Falk provided a technical demonstration on how to build a 200-player first-person shooter in just 20 minutes, utilising the SpatialOS Game Development Kit (GDK) for Unity.

Discover how it brings hosted real-time multiplayer games through a full-stack solution that enables studios of all sizes to get started quickly, scale and iterate fast with our advanced toolset.

The panel also discuss the latest cutting-edge advancements to SpatialOS, including the launch of SpatialOS Runtime v2.0 - and the revolutionary design implications of its new features, including Query-based Interest (QBI) - integrations with bespoke engines (C API), further engine GDKs and more.

The talk on the SpatialOS GDK for Unreal:

In this talk, our CEO Herman Narula, our North America General Manager Aaryn Flynn (formerly BioWare General Manager), Chief Product Officer Rob Whitehead and Midwinter Entertainment’s CEO and Co-Founder Josh Holmes (formerly Creative Director and Studio Head at 343 Industries) discussed what makes SpatialOS and Unreal Engine such a powerful combination.

During the talk, they demonstrated how SpatialOS works natively with Unreal Engine’s traditional workflows and networking API, making it easier than ever to create ambitious online multiplayer games. Herman, Aaryn, Rob and Josh also used upcoming projects, such as Midwinter Entertainment’s ‘Scavengers’, to illustrate the groundbreaking gameplay innovations that SpatialOS and Unreal Engine developers are building today.

The combination of SpatialOS and Unreal Engine unlocks new creative possibilities, empowering developers to seamlessly grow any online multiplayer game in scale and complexity.

Nee :slightly_smiling_face:

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