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Gdk for unity fps starter docs correction


In the HealthPickup tutorial, the paragraph:

Setting the cubeMeshRenderer.enabled according to whether the health pack is “active” or not only works if cubeMeshRender correctly references the mesh renderer. Make sure you drag the child GameObject’s mesh renderer to this field in the Unity Inspector panel to set the reference.

Should be fixed. The cubeMeshRender field is private, and therefore does not show up in the inspector. The MeshRenderer references is obtained in the OnEnable method via a GetComponentInChildren call.

On this page:

The following sentence has bad grammar near the end:

Upon successfully connecting to the SpatialOS Runtime and creating your worker and its corresponding [ECS world], the following systems are added by the Worker class your [worker’s world].

On this page:

The following has an incomplete word:

  • {name of component}.CommandHandlers.{name of command} components are available on these entities for all components ands that the worker is authoritative over.

On this page:
The word ‘his’ should be ‘this’
This method can be used to add his component to your entity template.


On this page:
This sentence has bad grammar:

There is a low-level a worker SDK is available in different programming languages, and high-level Game Development Kits (GDKs) for working with Unity and Unreal.


On this page:
This sentence has a word ‘as’ that should be ‘has’.

Clearing fields

So far, it’s possible to write an option, list or map which as at least one element in it,


Thanks for the feedback @Kirkules! Much appreciated, and we’ll investigate and fix these issues as soon as we can :slight_smile: