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GDK for Unity Release 0.3.10

Hi all,

We’ve just released the GDK for Unity 0.3.10.

In this release, we’ve removed APIs for AuthorityLossImminent as the feature has been deprecated from SpatialOS. This means all authority changes to AuthorityLossImminent are dropped and relevant callbacks will no longer trigger. The Authority field on Readers and Writers has been changed to a boolean HasAuthority.

The GetAuthority, GetComponent and HasComponent methods have been removed from the ComponentUpdateSystem. You should use the EntityManager instead.

We’ve also changed the .NET Core dependency to v3.1.3xx (from v2.2.2xx), updated the pinned Runtime version to 14.5.4 and added an assortment of bug fixes to the build configuration asset, the WorkerSystem and the Transform Sync Feature Module.

In addition to code changes a new chapter has been added the Blank Project tutorial, guiding new users on how to create a new type of entity, update a snapshot to spawn entities of this type, and how to dynamically spawn entities at runtime.

As this release has plenty of breaking changes, please read the upgrade guide here:

The full release notes can be found here:

This release also contains updated versions of our FPS Starter Project and Blank Project:

The GDK for Unity team

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