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GDK for Unity Release 0.3.8

Hi all,

We’ve just released the GDK for Unity 0.3.8.

In this jam-packed release, we’ve changed how the GameObject Creation module maps entities to prefabs by introducing asset-based entity representation. This means that you no longer need to edit code to define the mapping between an entity type and the prefab used to represent it.

👈 Click to see an example Entity Representation Mapping!


We’ve also officially removed Windows x86 support.

The Worker Inspector now supports viewing map<k,v> fields, and a context menu (right-click) option to hide empty collections. This may be useful when browsing complex components such as Interest or EntityAcl.

You can now set the UseExternalIp connection parameter using the +useExternalIp command line argument.

The GDK Tools Configuration has been moved from its own window into a Spatial OS section under the Unity Project Settings. In addition, the Build Configuration UI now allows you to set the Scripting Backend and Allow Debug options.

Alongside the new features above, we’ve fixed a bug with CommandSenders not being re-validated and solved a minor indentation issue with generated code.

There are a several breaking changes in this release, so please make sure to read the upgrade guide here:

The full release notes can be found here:

This release also contains updated versions of our FPS Starter Project and Blank Project:

The GDK for Unity team

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