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GDK for Unreal Release 0.10.0

The release notes are published in both English and Chinese. To view the Chinese version, scroll down a bit for details. Thanks!

Release notes 将同时提供中英文。要浏览中文版本,向下滚动页面查看详情。感谢!

English version

We have released Unreal GDK version 0.10.0!

Release Notes


We have made significant performance improvements to the GDK to reduce latency, egress and CPU use.

We have also introduced a new SpatialOS Runtime variant called Standard, which is now the default Runtime for the GDK. You can change back to the Compatibility Mode Runtime variant if you need to.

Mobile Support: Android and iOS [Preview]

Android and iOS are now in preview. We support workflows for developing and doing in-studio playtests on Android and iOS devices, and have documentation for these workflows. We also support macOS (also in preview) for developing and testing iOS game clients. We’d love to hear your feedback on this!

User Experience

  • We have introduced a new tutorial to take you through how to use multiserver offloading, using a new game mode in the Example Project.

  • You can now fully build and deploy to the cloud without leaving the Unreal Editor. The Start Deployment button in the Cloud Deployment Configuration dialog box now generates schema and a snapshot, builds all selected workers, and uploads the assembly before starting the deployment.

  • In the Cloud Deployment Configuration dialog box you can generate a launch configuration file from the current map, or you can click through to the Launch Configuration Editor.

  • Full Scan schema generation now uses the CookAndGenerateSchema commandlet, which results in faster and more stable schema generation for big projects.

  • We have created a new drop-down menu in the GDK toolbar to configure how to connect your PIE client or your Launch on Device client.

…and much more! For the full details on what’s new in this release, including bug fixes, see the 0.10.0 changelog.

SpatialOS Tooling Compatibility

If you’re using the Standard Runtime variant, there are several compatibility issues. For more information, see the changelog.

Known Issues

Please see the full list of known issues in this release here.


The corresponding Engine versions are:

4.24-SpatialOSUnrealGDK-0.10.0 (primary UE version)

4.23-SpatialOSUnrealGDK-0.10.0 (legacy UE version)

The corresponding Example Project version is:


Follow these steps to upgrade your GDK, Engine fork and Example Project to the latest release.

Happy developing,

The GDK team


虚幻引擎开发套件 (GDK) 0.10.0 版本已发布!

Release Notes


我们对 GDK 进行了重大的性能改进,以减少延迟、出口流量和 CPU 使用。

我们还引入了新的 SpatialOS 运行时变体,称为 “标准体” (Standard),这是 GDK 的默认运行时。如有需要,您可以将其改回 “兼容模式” (Compatibility Mode) 运行时变体。

移动端支持: Android 和 iOS [预览]

Android 和 iOS 现处于 预览中。我们支持在 Android 和 iOS 设备上进行游戏开发和工作室内测试的工作流,并提供工作流的相关文档。我们还支持在 macOS (也在预览中) 计算机上开发和测试 iOS 游戏客户端。我们非常愿意聆听您的反馈意见!


  • 提供了新的 教程,指导您在示例项目中通过新的游戏模式使用多服务器负载拆分。

  • 现在,您无需离开虚幻编辑器即可完全构建并部署到云中。通过 Cloud Deployment Configuration 对话框中的 Start Deployment 按钮生成结构描述 (schema) 和快照,并且在部署启动前构建所有选定的 worker 和上传程序集。

  • Cloud Deployment Configuration 对话框中,您可以从当前地图生成启动配置文件,或是点击打开 Launch Configuration editor

  • 完全扫描 (Full Scan) 生成结构描述的方法现在使用 CookAndGenerateSchema 命令行开关,这样可以为大型项目更迅速、更稳定地生成结构描述。

  • 在 GDK 工具栏中创建了一个新的下拉菜单,用来配置如何连接您的 PIE 客户端或是设备上启动的客户端。

除此之外,还有更多其他内容!要了解此版本中新功能的详情,包括问题修复,查看 0.10.0 更新日志

SpatialOS 工具兼容性

如果您正在使用运行时的标准体,需要注意一些兼容问题。具体内容,查看 更新日志


点击 此处 查看完整的已知问题列表。



4.24-SpatialOSUnrealGDK-0.10.0 (主要 UE 版本)

4.23-SpatialOSUnrealGDK-0.10.0 (历史 UE 版本)



按照 以下步骤 将 GDK、引擎分支和示例项目升级到最新版本。


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