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GDK for Unreal Release 0.9.0

The release notes are published in both English and Chinese. To view the Chinese version, scroll down a bit for details. Thanks!

Release notes 将同时提供中英文。要浏览中文版本,向下滚动页面查看详情。感谢!

English version

Unreal GDK version 0.9.0 is go!

Release Notes

  • Multiserver offloading is external-playtest-ready: we have improved the stability and performance of offloading and validated it in a public playtest of partner Midwinter Entertainment’s game Scavengers. Midwinter uses offloading to increase the AI count in the game, beyond what they could achieve with the native Unreal single server.

  • Improved performance: driven by Scavengers and other partner games, we have made significant performance improvements to the GDK to reduce latency, egress and CPU use. These improvements are available as new default settings in the GDK where possible.

  • UE 4.24 support: 4.24 is now fully supported, and 4.23 support is maintained as legacy to enable teams to upgrade.

For the full details on what’s new in this release, see the 0.9.0 changelog.


Follow these steps to upgrade your GDK, Engine fork and Example Project to the latest release.

Happy developing,

The GDK team


虚幻引擎开发套件 (GDK) 0.9.0 版本已发布!

Release Notes

  • 多服务器负载拆分可用于公开测试:我们提高了负载拆分的稳定性和性能,并在合作伙伴 Midwinter Entertainment 的游戏《Scavengers》的公开测试中对其进行了验证。 Midwinter 使用负载拆分功能增加了游戏中的 AI 数量,这超出了使用原生虚幻引擎单一服务器所能实现的结果。

  • 性能提优:在《Scavengers》和其他合作伙伴游戏的推动下,我们对 GDK 喜能进行了大幅优化,以减少延迟、出口流量和 CPU 使用。这些优化在 GDK 中作为新的默认设置提供。

  • UE 4.24 支持:现已完全支持 4.24 版本,并保留 4.23 版本支持作为旧版本以供开发团队升级。

有关此版本中新功能的完整详细信息,查看 0.9.0 更新日志


按照 以下步骤 将 GDK、引擎分支和示例项目升级到最新版本。


GDK 团队

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