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Hey folks.

I am currently working on a project that I intend to take online as a pseudo MMO at first I suppose. I’m making it in Unity and have the basic systems that I want already completed. My question is, is SpatialOS cloud based only and how well does it work for MMOs overall right now? Should I switch to a different service or am I going to be able to use an SQL database that holds all account information etc?


im interested in this too yesterday i was wondering how do we manage accounts with spatialos


For account management, payment services, etc. you need an external service, like PlayFab. For your game environment, NPC’s and such, you use SpatialOS.

Have fun!


Hey @neial5546 & @garkgames,

I think @Sheriziya nails it as for going straight to the point about the fact that you can indeed (and should) use a third-party service for storing player account information and thrust all the worlds simulation data to SpatialOS.

That said, don’t hesitate to ask further questions if you have a specific detail in mind that you are wondering about. Also don’t forget to search the forums as it might very well be the case that there already exists a discussion with an answer to the exact questions that you are asking yourselves.

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