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"get started" issues



Noob here.

trying to run Wizards demo per “A tour of SpatialOS”

couple of issues

  1. the video refers to the project at
    It should be

  2. step 3 build an assembly fails

c:\projects-spatialos\WizardsTutorial-master>spatial worker build UnityWorker UnityClient --target=deployment
Extracting packages 1/1 [====================] 100%
Generating bridge settings for UnityWorker.
Generating managed worker configuration for UnityWorker.
Generating bridge settings for UnityClient.
Generating descriptor. 2/2 [====================] 100%
Running task ‘build’ for worker ‘UnityWorker’, target ‘deployment’
[1/2] > Build Codegen
[1/6] > Codegen C# standard library
Generating code for csharp. 1/1 [====================] 100%
[1/6] < Codegen C# standard library (200ms)
[2/6] > Codegen C#
Generating code for csharp. 1/1 [====================] 100%
[2/6] < Codegen C# (850ms)
[3/6] > Codegen Json AST standard library
Generating code for ast_json. 1/1 [====================] 100%
[3/6] < Codegen Json AST standard library (140ms)
[4/6] > Codegen Json AST
Generating code for ast_json. 1/1 [====================] 100%
[4/6] < Codegen Json AST (560ms)
[5/6] > Codegen Unity Code Generation
[5/6] x Codegen Unity Code Generation (80ms)
error: exit status 1
[1/2] x Build Codegen (1.83s)
error: exit status 1
failed (1.83s)
Error during command execution: exit status 1
‘spatial worker build’ failed (3.1s)
Encountered an error during command execution.
exit status 1

I have multiple versions of Unity3 installed on my machine
Latest being Unity2018.2.1.f
Do not have Unity 2017.3
If mutiple installs of Unity exist which one will SpatialOS pick up?


Hey, you could try command ‘spatial diagnose’ to see if you have everything you need …Alterntively add try --log_level=debug after any command to generate debug log which will give you some sight of what went wrong…Let me konw how it goes .


Thanks for looking into this.

I installed unity 2018.1.3 as per instructions here

Because I have multiple versions of unity on my PC I have installed Unity Hub to manage those.
In Unity Hub I set 2018.1.3 version as the preferred version.
Not sure if that makes a difference.

Anyway after doing this the build went though OK
Was able to run other steps without any issue. :slight_smile:

Might be helpful to provide a link to Unity Setup in the build step, with text to the effect “If you run into issues during build make sure you have installed Unity as per instructions here …”


Good to hear that and thanks for the feedback and I will make sure product team aware of this! We also plan to remove the Wizard tutorial as Pirate is better and more fit to purpose, you could learn much more from there …feel free to try the Pirate tutorial and let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: