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We absolutely do care and will categorically prove that with time. We’re moving fast at the moment while we ship some games, roll out multiple solutions to different industries and kick off large community driven projects to help people get set up and start giving us feedback like you are currently doing so.

Let’s hang out at GDC if you’re there; or on slack shortly after (once I’ve had time to catch up on jet lag!) I’m sure we can work together to get something on the roadmap that would suit your needs.

Onwards! Warrior! :support:


Hi @DeBock,

I am a product manager here at Improbable. Just wanted to clarify a few things based on this thread.

You are right our networking solution could be improved a lot. It is early days but we are looking at this intently and here are some things we are going to do:

  • We are planning to offer out of the box network optimisations to get developers started. By this we mean providing features like delta compression, coalescing and networking loding. The highest priority in our backlog is networking loding, really useful for those huge firefights!
  • We will also allow developers to “pop the hood” and make their own custom stuff when needed.
  • Our pricing will outline bandwidth limits but we do not anticipate these should be an issue for prototyping and developing your game. Our success is linked to yours and we don’t want to overcharge you for excessive bandwidth usage. If you do have concerns we can have a chat about your specific use case.

This is all being worked on soon and we want to get as much feedback as possible, so we’ll share more details and experimental releases as soon as we can.

Hope that clears up any confusion here.



Hi @paul

Thank you for your elaborate response. You words are calming.

From @callumb I got the impression that you simply did not want to provide such optimization features due to you believing it not to be possible to provide generic solutions, which I obviously disagreed with.

So it’s great to hear that you are aware of it and are going to support this for your developers. Looking forward to it!


Sorry to confuse @DeBock!
Glad that’s cleared up. See you at GDC?


No worries @callumb

Unfortunately I will not be at GDC, but you may see my colleague @horatiuromantic.


Hi @paul @callumb
Sorry to bump an old thread, just wondering how the features outlined by Paul here are coming along, specifically the network loding?