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Has anyone built the Unreal Engine 4 fork on Linux?

I know this isn’t a supported behavior, but I was curious if anyone had successfully tweaked the fork of UE4, or forked the fork, to compile or run on any Linux distribution. I use Ubuntu 18.04.


I have done a Ubuntu 18.04 build? what is not working?

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I’m having some difficulty building from the source. Could I please have a copy of your build? We can share over git or a cloud if you like. I am also on Ubuntu 18.04.

I dont think that will work, I suspect you have a prerequisites issue. I did have to sort out a GPU issue for Vulkan. But following these steps should work.

  1. Install compatible compiler with clang as per UE4 Linux requirements

  1. Git clone Source (4.24 worked for me)
  2. run
  3. run
  4. run make

I already have a copy of UE4 working. I meant this version in the SpatialOS github.

spatialOS only adds a plugin and some vars for the their spatial db…