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Has anyone tried converting Unity's 3rd person controller package to SpatialOS?



Curious if anyone has attempted this.


@VectorXStudios Using worldtransform.send you can pretty much use it out of the box, any change you make on your end will simply translate to the other players, simply put your computer controls the character exactly like normal, and the information of it’s location and rotation are sent to the other players, they only see the end product, so theoretically it shouldn’t matter what package you use. That being said, animation syncing is another matter, I just had the other clients get the location and rotation compared to the previous locations to get a direction vector and speed and then convert that to a mecanim system.


As @bonkahe says, it should be a fairly straightforward thing to integrate - a great learning experience for Unity & SpatialOS perhaps!

We actually integrated the 3rd person starter project for Unreal into SpatialOS for use as a starting project. It’d be good to see if anybody would be interested in us doing something similar for Unity!


I have it working in my scene but am having an issue with the player’s position not propagating to the server (and other clients.) Hopefully will figure it out soon. :slight_smile: