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Hello Wasteland



Hiya SpatialOS forum goers!

I’ve been playing around with some of the parameters of the Hello World tutorial and felt it might be a good example for the forums. I had a few initial goals in mind when I started.

  1. Increase the time before either side “wins” in the deployment.
  2. Have the ongoing battle leave a sustained mark on the world.

To start I kicked off a normal deployment of the tutorial, and observed in the inspector to find a some other mostly empty spaces on the map to reposition the HQs. I found a couple good spots a bit further into the upper right and lower left corners.

I then went into SimulationsSettings.cs (found in workers/unity/Assets/Gamelogic/Core/) and changed the TeamHQLocations (near the bottom) to match the two alternate spots.

Happy with those locations I went on to tweak some of the other settings to slow down the simulation. Tweaks to the LumberjackSpawningCooldown worked out best for this, as I still wanted a large number of wizards duking it out in the middle, but not a massive number of lumberjacks stacking up around the HQs. So I changed that to 600f (one spawning around every ten minutes from each barracks), where one was spawning every 50 seconds before.

That got my deployments slow and stable enough to last about an hour and a half or so before one of the two teams would win (without human interaction), and satisfied my first goal.

Now for the scorched earth.

I increased the FireSpreadRadius to 7f and reduced the FireSpreadProbability to 0.4f (wanted more things to potentially catch on fire, but not burn all the trees down the first time a stray lightning bolt hits one.) I then increased the TreeStumpRegrowhtTimeSecs and BurntTreeRegrowthTimeSecs to 3600, to leave the more permanent mark on the battlefield, making it take an hour for trees to recover from getting chopped or burnt down.

With those changes (and probably a few others I’ve forgotten) I wound up with…

A wider spread of fire when trees / wizards / building ignite.

A semi-permanent swath of dead trees in the path between the two bases, where the battles occurred.

I’m including my SimulationSettings.cs file, feel free to deploy it yourself and tweak it more! (3.4 KB)