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Hello World Iterate: Small spelling mistake



Under 4. Build your Development players, the text says

we need to build out new Unity players

This should be:

we need to build our new Unity players

Have fun creating!


That was actually deliberate - “build out” as a verb - but I can see it’s a bit confusing, so I’ll change it :slight_smile:


Ah, I see now! Isn’t it simply “build”? Perhaps it’s because I’m and non-native English speaker, but I think I haven’t seen the expression “build out” before.


It’s just a modulation on the same verb - “building them” and “building them out” mean basically the same thing in this context. But phrasal verbs are often harder to get (both for native and non-native speakers!) so it’s a good reminder to myself to avoid them :slight_smile:


Thanks for that, @beth Learned an extra thing today :smiley: which is especially good, since I’m also writing a book :smiley:

Have fun!