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Hello World Tutorial Feedback



It would be really nice if it was pointed out that the my_deployment_name must be lower case and maybe put in there what other restrictions there are.


That’s really great feedback: I think the way we’ll solve this is to fully document the spatial command line tool: including parameters to all the functions and the requirements of those parameters.
Also improved logs around bad parameters perhaps?
How did you find the tutorial itself?


Other then that one hiccup I found it easy and fast. It made me want to delve more into SpatialOS. I am currently working through the Pirate tutorial and am having lots of fun.


Glad to hear it! If you have any feedback on Pirates, it’d be great to hear it :slight_smile: How are you finding the concepts? Are they all making sense?


I finished the Pirates tutorial, I had more issues with this tutorial. I did get it all running, but there were some inconsistancies with the tutorial. I will make a separate feedback post for that however. The concepts are not to difficult, but I am a software developer. What I would really like to see is a tutorial on how to go from the blank template to up and running. Like how to add the terrain entity (and whether or not you can have multiples), the character and camera. Just a basic setup from the ground up. Right now I have to pick apart the Pirate tutorial and the files to figure out a lot of things taken for granted within the Pirate tutorial. If I can figure it all out I may write one myself for the community.


Thanks @philraley - that’s really useful feedback. You’re not the only person to have mentioned this, and it’s something I’m looking into. What kind of things are you looking for when you’re picking apart the files? Is it just the things you mentioned (terrain, character, camera) or are there other things too?

Also - how familiar are you with Unity? For things like the scene setup, you may want to check out Unity’s own tutorials.

If you end up writing something yourself, please do share it - it’s always great to get community contributions!


Morning Beth, When picking through the files I am looking for how terrain interacts as an entity, how the camera and player controller are setup for basic “WSAD” movement and what data is being relayed to the server for syncing. What kind of information can be synced up such as player attributes and or gathered resources. Ideally I want to create a basic setup that will have terrain, a player, a few NPCs, and controls and camera. I believe that is the very basics for getting setup for something more.

As for Unity, I have been working with Unity for over 6 years. There is, of course, always something new to learn.

Once I get everything together and can reproduce the same results multiple times I will create a tutorial.


Thanks for the detail - that’s exactly what I needed. I’m working on improved docs to explain how SpatialOS interacts with Unity, so that’s useful feedback for that too.

Ah - just thought I’d check!