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How do / did you go about starting your spatialOS game


i’d love to get an insight as to how everyone has started using spatialOS with there current project.

EG: get the default spatialOS with unity up and running, added the terrain, then a character, then so forth, i’m just curious as im trying to get my brain working as to where to start and what to start working on, like getting a single player version mocked up, then move on to the latter.



I would not recommend starting with a single player version.

If your already familiar with SpatialOS then I guess I would start with basic controls of movements for a character. If not definitely go through every tutorial first.


Hi @Matthium,

I would suggest taking a look at both our Product Demo project and our Pirates Tutorial project as the best place in getting started with how the systems work.

If you are thinking of starting up from as stripped down a project as possible, the Starter Project would be your best bet.