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How do you make a worker only load the relevant assets?



For example, I want to create a continuous terrain for my world that may be 100x100 workers in size (I’m just making this # up btw and yes I know this is an insane number.) Assuming I have a procedurally created world using one of the Unity Assets, how do I tell a worker to only load it’s relevant area? Does it somehow know how to do it on it’s own if I specify them all in the snapshot? Is there a way to say “Only load coordinate 50,75 terrain block using seed 4096”?

One thing that would be nice to see tutorial wise, is a continuous terrain example. Like Pirates but with 10x10 terrain blocks split across 4 workers.


Hi @VectorXStudios,

Yes that’s right, if you specify where entities should be in your snapshot, then when your workers connect, they’ll only check out the entities, that have at least one component for which the worker has read permissions on, and that fall within their checkout radius. So each worker does not check out all entities by default. And for Unity workers, the assets will only be loaded for entities that are added into the scene. Hope that helps!

For an example of a large simulation split across multiple workers, check out our Hello World tutorial! It splits a large world across two workers.