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How to make clean spatial UE project guide/tutorial



It would seem that simply trying to replicate UnrealStarterProject or RPGDemo won’t work (or I’m missing something). So, would it be possible to make a guide “how to seput basic spatial ue4 project”. All it needs is a UnrealWorker, UnrealClient, spawner and a controllable player which is possesed.

There is propably no need to go deep into the code, just explain:
What components are needed and what to do with them (or how to generate them)?
What to do/add inside the UnrealEditor?
How is the building process done correctly?
What files do I need to copy from GitHub project and which are generated automaticly?
How is snapshot generated correcly?

Or possibly “how to replicate UnrealStarterProject with your own project name”, which is not just renaming the project, because that is quite hard process to do.


Hi @Amis, this is definitely a point we are trying to focus on to improve our Unreal integration documentation, so I’ll pass on your feedback. In the meantime, are these just suggestions or would you like support setting up an unreal project?


Hi @Kevin, the points I listed could be possibly added and explained in Setting up project -> If you are not using one of our starter projects -> steps for making a new project?

And ya, in the meantime it would help a ton if me and @Piilorasva could have an unrealStarterProject or RPGDemo named as Kingshunt, if it’s not too much to ask? We have been trying to solve this issue over a week now.

Or just give a step by step explanation how new spatial project with own project name is done?

EDIT: Never mind, we got it working! Well build files and workers at least, not 100% done yet.
But still I think a video or text tutorial would be necessary, so if I have the time I’m gonna wrap something together and post it in here. You never know when someone else runs to this same situation.


Hi, sorry for the late reply. We’ll definitely look into getting a good guide up for changing the names of projects/workers. Glad to hear you’ve mostly been able to sort out your problem. If you have any more specific problems drop a post in the support group and we’ll try to help you out.