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How to show Unreal blueprints in our docs



Hi All,

Currently, in our Unreal SDK documentation, we are using animated GIFs to try and show you how to set up various blueprints. Although this has the benefit of taking you through how the blueprint has been created, we think it can be frustrating as you have to wait for the whole GIF to see the end result, and the end result only briefly shows, making it hard to look at and reference.

We think we can improve on this, and we would love some feedback from you to figure out what will be the most helpful!

Some questions we have are:

  • Would you just like static images?
  • Is showing the progression of the blueprint and how it is made important to you or do you just want to see the end result?
  • Would an embedded video that you can pause, resume and skip through be useful to you?
  • Do you think the GIFs work well?

Please let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions of what you would like to see!



Hi Sam,

For us, having the end result would be enough to get most things needed.
Having a embedded video with comments would be helpful for the more
complicated things.



Greetings Sam,

I’m with Kamithra, having the end result as a static image is plenty enough. This (SpatialOS forums/docs) is not the place (in my opinion) to be learning Unreal Engine as a whole. Maybe helpful hints and tips from community members, but the Unreal Engine developers already have plenty of videos and documentations explaining how to use their engine.

Perhaps having the static end result on the doc page(s) here + an embedded video if a user wishes to watch a “step-by-step” video of how to accomplish it, but for the majority I feel an end result static image is enough.

Warm Regards,


I agree that a clear, expandable static image is best, though I would also like the ability to cut and paste generic bp segments from your examples.

That being said, a tutorial with step by step audio explanations is the primarily method by which many starting Unreal devs learn bps.

If you want to make the docs more accessible to people who are not C++ programmers (by far the VAST majority of people interested in making games with Unreal), then I would suggest that you produce the videos in parallel.

Moreover, you should expect that many people who come looking are absolute beginners and structure your videos accordingly. Possible categories: For Dummies, Don’t Hold My Hand Just Give Me The Details, Try To Tell Me Something I Don’t Know. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the feedback, that’s super useful!



It’s very welcome and really good to see for beginners getting used to how things work.

Short (max 1 minute?) soundless video with stop/pause and maybe seek would be nicer. Definitely not embedded youtube videos - think gif with pause/seek options - automatically preload, display first (or last, see edit below) frame, but don’t autoplay.

As long as you keep them under ~15-20 seconds the inability to seek is allright. It would be if you used or something similar and not autoplay them though.

EDIT: Thinking about it it might be worth having a “thumbnail” that is static image with the end result with on click gif/video that would show how you got there.


Personally I think having the end result / static image is exactly what is needed. The UE forums exist if someone needs to learn exactly how to use blueprints themselves.