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I want to help make a simple blocky game like Minecraft or Minetest with SpatialOS


Has someone else used SpatialOS to do this yet? Minecraft and Minetest scale horribly, limiting worlds to under 200 players per “shard” until performance takes a huge hit.

I just changed from computer science to biology in university, so this project would be strictly for fun and open source. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so if someone else is working on this or has made something like this with SpatialOS I would love to know.

I am currently wrapping up an open source project that used Xamarin.

I just want to use Unity for this.


Hey @EricMacEachern

I am unsure if anyone has made a “minecraft MMO” with SpatialOS.
Pretty sure it is possible TBH. That said check out r/VoxelGameDev

Allot of great games built with voxels are there :slight_smile:


It’s definitely possible! The rough approach would be to take a voxel system (Unity Asset store has plenty, such as!/content/14768). SpatialOS entities can represent parts of the terrain (I’ve had success using an entity to represent an 8x8x8 chunk of voxels, similar to the ‘chunks’ with how Minecraft does it.


Hey Eric,

I’m actually working on one of these now (also as a side project). I’m in very early stages of development so I really don’t have anything concrete to offer, but I’m down to keep in touch and share experiences I have with it as I go along.