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Idea: Rewind Time & Quantum Jumping



So just popping this on the forum to see if anyone has any thoughts and ideas around concepts of snapshot data and using it. I feel you would need to stream it to a remote datasource (a ton of data) for some of this to be possible. God knows how performant streaming it back out into a SpatialOS world would be!

Thinking along the lines of a few thoughts / ideas:

Rewind Time:
Activate & rewind time to then be able to then change the outcome and see your past in the same world.

Visual Debug / Overlay Diffing:
Amongst the above much like we have in web development with immutable data structures to hold state that allows us to time travel, wondering if having the ability to do this with snapshots may help debugging / tweaking worlds as you develop them, right in the world!

Parallel Worlds / Quantum Jumping:
Bare with me here…one game / app concept would be to have parallel SpatialOS worlds that are running the same world with different global variables. Then allow yourself to be transported to that reality at that time to see the different outcomes because of them, quantum jumping if you will. My god this could really trigger some interesting events and decisions for a player.

Could have a story / game that allows you to progress by continuously choosing and jumping through realties in order to change events, such as saving loved ones or many other immersive experiences.

Sorry for the brain dump, dare to dream! :smiley:


Hey there - some really interesting concepts there.

I love the idea of Parallel Worlds and Jumping between them. One of the things that always puzzled me in fiction is that the Parallel words seem to stay uniformly different (e.g. same buildings even as events change) - so to make a world like that workable I think you’d actually want them to be in the same deployment, and use entity ACL’s to restrict which parallel world any single user has access to. This would mean that most ‘workers’ would only see one world at once, but you could have special workers that use information from multiple world to ‘cross-link’ events and structures!

Thanks for sharing - I’m really excited to see what the community starts to build on the platform.


Archon is an interesting game to take a look at; I’m not sure how they exactly did their time-line manipulation but it’s one of the most reasonable ways I’ve seen time travel done in games.


I wonder if @matt has any insight on what it would take to rewind a spatialOS simulation…we’d have to store all component updates in a singular journal…which would bring interesting questions of “What update happened first” because across workers that would be near-to-impossible to figure out…

but if we COULD do it…imagine being able to scrub through a deployment’s history and investigate why an economy collapsed?!

Sorry…not a game mechanic as such…just a really interesting tool!


It would be interesting to explore simulating some multiverse theory stuff, wherein you could seed a story with “key decision points” throughout the narrative. When the player took a specific path, the snapshot would branch into all possible outcomes. For example, your character can choose to save the life of a woman about to be hit by a car or choose not to do so. The snapshot would branch in both directions, where in one of the worlds that woman had been killed and in the other she was still alive. Obviously you’d want to be incredibly selective where you’d implement this branching approach, but it could provide some incredible gameplay opportunities.