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Idea: SpatialOS Asset Store



Seeing some of the early work that people are building in-house and outside, was thinking it would be pretty damn cool to have a platform as part of the SpatialOS website that allows people to publish small libraries / packages that they can add to their project.

What’s not to love, faster prototypes, more chances to learn and a heap of smart people coming up with crazy world simulation libraries.

Hopefully something like the new v9.0.0 developer workflow may lend itself really well to such a thing.

Just putting it out there for discussion as could really see it evolving into to something awesome much like the Unity asset store.


That’s something we’d love to do - we’ve been talking about it for a while. It would be great to let people share what they’ve done so everyone else can build on it.

An easy thing to do in the meantime is share stuff on the SpatialOS Community site - if you make something that you’d like to share, you could put it up on GitHub, let us know, and we can link to it from a community site article?


Glad to hear you guys are considering it. I left that out of my post but was thinking the same thing about a spatial targeted asset store. However I also understand that would mean more people to code review and monitor it, and you guys are in the bleed money phase.