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If the SpatialOS integration for UE4 is not a drop-in replacement for the Unreal dedicated server, it won't gain much traction with the average Unreal dev


The average UE4 dev isn’t a game company, but rather a hobbyist or a small scale dev who is already hip deep in a project and who would therefore be loathe to wade out and basically start over with Spatial.

I’ve only noticed a few hands of UE4 devs make an appearance here.

After watching for some months, I don’t expect Spatial to actually be that drop in replacement, but I would be happy to be informed otherwise.

Spatial would have to spoof Unreal’s replication layer or otherwise make itself invisible to bps and I can’t see this happening.


It would be really cool if you could just drop it in and it overloads the unreal standard replication layer. But I could only imagine the nightmare of a programming that would take to pull off. Being able to use Unreal’s standard replication functions like repnotify, run on server, run on client, and the ability to more finely control what is being sent where like Unreal currently does would be amazing.

But I think it is a very long ways off from that happening / if it ever comes to that.

So replacing a current UE4 multiple game with SpatialOS is next to impossible without, like you said, basicly rewriting your project from the ground up.

But once you do figure out how Spatial + UE4 interacts and works, it is really not that hard to work with.