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Implement a Guide for NetLogo Model: Good Idea?



Please forgive my naivety, as still very new to this. I was curious to whether anyone has looked at or has tried to break down / implement a NetLogo model ( into a SpatialOS world, does this sound like a good idea?

Think this could be a great one as a community guide if the general consensus is yes. Was looking for anyone ones experience / general tips. If no one has, for the intermediate tutorial (your own first project) I will pick a simple NetLogo model and document as I go as may be useful for others?

On a side note to share with everyone, there is plenty of models it comes with for inspiration. The specific model I am hoping to achieve once I am a bit more au fait with SpatialOS down the line is the NetLogo model from (all be it very ambitious!).


I like NetLogo too. I once tried to make a NetLogo model about regulatory competition (doesn’t that sound exciting?) It seems like Spatial would be brilliant for this.


Sounds great in regards to modelling regulatory competition, I love the concept! To be fair I think you could prototype ideas in NetLogo really quickly before moving it into SpatialOS and Unity.

Will take a look and report back, let me know if you give it a go also.

Initial thoughts would be to create a guide / tips & tricks of taking a NetLogo model breaking the code down and translating it into the relevant components, natures and behaviours.

Could then move it further and look to create an SDK to translate the language syntax to SpatialOS so you can quickly paste a NetLogo model / code to run in SpatialOS with Unity Prefabs.

Would just need some mappings of prefabs to natures I think. I am sure you could just use some primitive shapes for now.

Will start small and see what happens… :champagne:


The prototyping in NetLogo idea is really interesting. I guess I’d like to see post-v9.0 what the workflow is like in Spatial, then see if NetLogo would make sense as part of it. My hope is that the C# environment of 9.0 will be easy enough to use that you could joyfully prototype right in Spatial. :slight_smile:

NetLogo’s sim libraries would definitely be a cool place to get ideas!