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Important SpatialOS Docs update & New FAQs

Hi all,

If you regularly check our docs, you might be wondering why you’re being transported somewhere new – to specifically.

Don’t worry, it’s the correct address because this is the new home for all our docs.

Our wonderful documentation team has been working hard to migrate our docs over to a popular publishing system to improve your reading experience. And while things might look different and new to begin with, much of the content is the same.

Before you dive in and explore the new space, it’s worth checking out our new FAQs thread for our new documentation space, which will explain much more about the changes you’ll see.

It’s also well worth noting that, for our readers in China, we’re now also providing documentation in Simplified Chinese.

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback on these changes. You can share them on this thread or email us at

Enjoy the new home for docs!

Nee :slight_smile:

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To be honest, I found the new documentation much more confusing than the previous one.

Hi @rodrigoruiz,

Thanks for your feedback. Can you give us more details on how/why you’re finding it more confusing? We’re keen to hear your thoughts, the new Docs home is very new so we’d like to understand how we can help as much as possible.

Feel free to email us at if you’ve got a lot of feedback and it’ll be passed onto the team accordingly. If it’s short feedback, you can still email or respond here in this thread :slight_smile: