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Improbable Acquires Midwinter Entertainment, Developer of ‘Scavengers’

Hello all,

We’re extremely excited today to announce that Improbable has acquired Midwinter Entertainment, the developers of the upcoming online action-shooter ‘Scavengers’.

As some of you may already know, Midwinter Entertainment are based in Kirkland and their debut game title, Scavengers’, was announced in March 2018. Built using Unreal Engine and SpatialOS, ‘Scavengers’ is a class-based multiplayer shooter with a unique “co-opetition” twist, set in a world devastated by a new ice age. Teams will compete to collect resources and battle advanced AI enemies, but must also decide whether to form delicate alliances with opposing teams to overcome the frozen wasteland’s toughest challenges.

At Improbable, we’re incredibly thrilled. This acquisition is the culmination of a mutually beneficial partnership between us and Midwinter Entertainment. Midwinter Entertainment brings to Improbable a high calibre of technical expertise and significant experience developing for AAA games. Their continued contribution to SpatialOS will now be streamlined, joining our other internal game studios - Improbable Edmonton and Improbable London - in furthering the platform, making it a more useful tool for independent game developers and studios building multiplayer games.

You can read more about this exciting news and more about Midwinter Entertainment in our blog post here. In the meantime, join us in welcoming the Midwinter Entertainment studio to the team!


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