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WOW what a crappy Forum way to post.
Anyways as I am locked out of the setup support forum post. I figured I would provide feedback and hope some kind soul would direct me to whats wrong.

I followed the Steps in all the tutorials up to the Starting point where I can’t continue.

I did the Spatial OS install using Chocloty.

I downgraded unity to 5.6.03f .

I missed the step where you HAD the install the Mac and Linux builds.

I am using a Administrator level Command Prompt.

I downloaded the Zip from the Github.

Spatial Diagnose on the Blank Project, Pirates, and Worker demo all pass.

I then load the Project into Unity and it says I can’t find the Improbably Namespace.

I then looked around on the forums and found no support or problems listed under the Namespace, except one which was never solved.

I then looked through ALL the Github directories and found the Plugin folders to be empty.

I think the problem is I need a SpatialOS DLL file to include in the projects.

This DLL is not listed on the Setup tutorials not the explanation of what SpatialOS does. I am trying to get this accomplished for a work project which wants to us this, but I can’t figure out how. 20 years programming experience


The expected behavior is Unity to compile and allow me to run a local copy, although not sure if that is realistic. BUT I am a lame coder and if the code doesn’t compile I can’t troubleshoot it.

I am using Unity on a Windows 10 based machine. I am running VS2017.

I have poked around with the directories and don’t see an obvious .dll, .lib, or import settings.

HONESTLY you should take a look at how Playfab integrates into Unity, it is night have day, you download a Unity Editor Extension, which checks the version, runs updates and pushes through the editor. Uploads and downloads server code from unity, and handles it all inside the Unity Application.

It includes DLLS very Lengthy and long documentation about how to setup and install for a variety of use csaes. I find some of the documentation lacking, BUT I am up and running very easily.


Sounds like you did parts 2.1 and 2.2 in the pirate’s tutorial but didn’t do part 2.3. Pirates Tutorial

You have to run a spatial worker build command to generate the files. Be sure to go through all the rest of the tutorial as it has lots of invaluable information regarding how to use SpatialOS.


Hello @MikHaven,

First of all a warm welcome to the SpatialOS forums!

It sounds like the tutorials were pretty frustrating for you, and I am really sorry for that. I know this does not help you with your immediate issue, but we do value such feedback enormously as it helps us shape our priorities when improving SpatialOS for the community.

The issue you are encountering does seem to point towards the suggestion that @barret.keyes has made: the dependencies are indeed only fetched when you build your project for the first time with spatial worker build on the command-line or via Unity’s SpatialOS menu. We understand that this might not seem intuitive; your post has actually sparked thoughts with people on our team around how to make the Unity integration more seamless. This means that there might be an update in the not-too-far-away future that will make this happen (but as is usual for us in such cases: no promises on any date).

As an extra & more personal side-note, even if I understand that the current process does not look as easy and hassle-free as the Playfab integration in Unity you are comparing two products of different types and sizes. This is not to say that we do not want to aim for such an experience (or an even better one), on the contrary! But creating a solid developer experience and product stability takes time, and requires feedback like yours to get it right.

I for one hope that you will stick along for the journey with your projects to continue to help us push our quality bar higher and higher!

Best regards,


WELL now like an idiot, sorta, honestly it needs to be #3 here

This is how you setup Spatial, your website claims your done once you finish step 2. However its clearly missing the dlls. Now that is stated. I can see that is says it in the Pirates Github, but instead of saying Cloud it should say to build, run or compile.

Anyways that is indeed what was wrong, thanks VERY much, hopefully you’ll be hearing a lot more from me, in a good, way if this works out.


Hello again @MikHaven,

Great to hear that you are good to go! Getting you started is the most important thing after all. We will make sure to see how we can clarify the setup guide with respect to the DLL question.

Best regards,


He’s now fully up and running after getting a new SSD and using the automatic installation approach :smiley: