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Incident: US1-Prod Unavailable for New Deployments


Dear User​,

We are experiencing some difficulties launching new deployments on the US1-Prod cluster due to a resourcing issue with Google’s cloud platform.

If you are launching deployments specifically on this cluster using the spatial cloud launch --cluster parameter, please use the –cluster_region parameter instead and we will bring the deployment up in another US cluster.

If you do not specify a cluster using the –cluster parameter then your deployments will launch as normal. Additionally, existing deployments on US1-Prod are unaffected.

We are working with Google to resolve the issue.

For more information about clusters and the spatial cloud launch parameters see deploying the project and spatial cloud launch documentation.

Have a nice day!
Stan from Improbable


Hi All,

We’re happy to report that the Google Cloud Platform resourcing issue on the US1-Prod cluster has now been resolved and so it is available again for deployments.
We had no issues on other US region clusters during this period.

Thank you all for your understanding