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Industry News Update (2016-11-11)



:video_game: Industry News Update

:bank:New Releases

Dishonored 2 - Sequel to a critical darling, led by Harvey Smith (Deus Ex/System Shock).

Also the first Bethesda release since instituting their no pre-release review copies policy. PC version has launched with performance issues.

For a list of all upcoming game releases, visit Play Date and sync it with Google Calendar.

:newspaper:News Round-Up

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - launched to solid reviews but launch-week sales are down almost 50% compared to last year’s Black Ops 3.

Despite a good campaign, competition in the FPS genre & franchise fatigue (combined with a tepid reception to multiplayer) are cited as factors.

Playstation 4 Pro - Reviews have hit. Not worth an upgrade for existing users unless you have a 4K/HDR screen or plan to buy PSVR. However, the price-performance ratio is strong at £349/$399 for first-time buyers.

Vivendi - Continuing their attempt at an aggressive takeover of Ubisoft, increasing overall share ownership from 22% to 24%.

Steam - Received a big store update that should make it a more personalised experience.

Nintendo - Announced that production of the Wii U console is planned to end shortly in Japan.

This will likely extend to other regions soon after in the lead up to the March launch date of the Nintendo Switch, their next console.

IO Interactive - The makers of Hitman have just updated their logo and moved to new offices with a fancy room dedicated to motion capture.

Blizzcon 2016 - Lots of news for their games:

  • Overwatch: New hero Sombra unveiled
  • Diablo III: New Necromancer class and a Diablo 1 remake done in-engine
  • WoW: New content for Legion
  • Hearthstone: New expansion

HTC Vive - Headsets can now go wireless for a small $220 extra fee that covers the purchase of an official peripheral. Pre-orders are now open for limited quantities.

:satellite: Customer Spotlight

Chronicles of Elyria - Blog updated

The project has reached their $1.5m stretch-goal to add gambling. Shots of their prologue region are included as well as deadlines for people still backing via layaway.

Worlds Adrift - Blog updated.

New rusty assets added to the Island Creator.