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Industry News Update (2016-11-18)



:video_game: Industry News Update

:bank:New Releases

Watch Dogs 2 - Despite the first game’s 9 million total sales, Ubisoft shifted direction moving from Chicago to San Fran with a new protagonist.

Early copies broke street date by a week and critical consensus has been very positive.

Pokemon Sun/Moon - Uptick in 3DS and Pokemon Omega/Alpha sales attributed to the success of Pokemon Go bode well for a new generation of players coming into the series.

It certainly helps that the game is apparently the best Pokemon title for quite some time.

Tyranny - Obsidian are back with another isometric RPG throwback. Initial reviews are very positive. The story has been praised for diverting from the usual good/evil dynamic and delving into shades of grey.

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:newspaper:News Round-Up

Dishonored 2 - Launch week sales are down 38% compared to the original. However, the first game launched on a Tuesday whilst this came out on Friday. There’s also an increased focus on digital sales which Chart-Track doesn’t count.

Nintendo Switch - Laura Dale has been a great source of rumours for the new console. Her latest is that it launches at a £199/£249 price point with different storage sizes and a Splatoon pack-in.

It looks like Zelda: Breath of the Wild might miss the release window, likely enduring a 4-6 month delay. A new 3D Mario might fill the void and come out alongside the new console followed by a rejigged Mario Kart 8 shortly thereafter.

Super Mario Run - The anticipated title will launch on December 15th at $9.99, with a free demo. Nintendo promises no further microtransactions at all.

It’s unsure if the title will manage to top the best selling list across all regions like Pokemon Go.

Mystery Space Game - Adventurous hackers have discovered an Easter Egg in Watch Dogs 2 that include a very meta mission about stealing an E3 teaser from an Ubisoft studio.

Unlocked footage hints at a No Man’s Sky-esque title, confirmed by staff at the publisher.

Telltale Games - The narrative focused adventure game company are working on a Guardians of the Galaxy title, likely to be unveiled at The Game Awards in December.

Eve Online - CCP’s enduring space MMO has gone Free to Play for the first time in its 13 year run.

There’s also a new tutorial with story elements to ease new players into the experience.

GamePump - New monthly subscription service announced by Robert Bowling (ex Infinity Ward). Revives classic games that haven’t appeared on Steam yet or builds their spiritual successor.

:satellite: Customer Spotlight

Worlds Adrift - Updated blog.

New Alpha Test announced & Island Creator update.


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