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Industry News Update (2016-11-25)



:video_game: Industry News Update

:bank:New Releases

Planet Coaster - Made by Frontier Developments, creators of Elite Dangerous and the previous Roller Coaster Tycoon Series.

Acting as a spiritual successor to the latter, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

RollerCoaster Tycoon World - A direct successor to the RollerCoaster Tycoon series in name only, the response has been very negative.

Caveat emptor in a week with such apparently similar releases…

Amnesia Collection - Finally bringing the cult PC horror series to console, this collection includes the original game/expansion + sequel.

The series arguably heralded the recent horror renaissance and is suitably terrifying.

Steins; Gate 0 - Do you like quirky Japanese visual novels? Then 5pb. And Nitroplus’ latest title is a real treat.

This niche genre has expanded recently with hit titles from Chunsoft that are finding their way to iOS, handhelds and PC.

For a list of all upcoming game releases, visit Play Date and sync it with Google Calendar.

:newspaper:News Round-Up

Watch Dogs 2 - The Ubisoft sequel has had a relatively low-key UK release.

With sales down nearly a quarter, from 380k to 80k, the publisher is likely hoping that strong word of mouth will provide a long tail.

Pokemon Sun & Moon - On a more positive note, Nintendo has a verified hit on their hands with 1.9m copies sold in just two days.

This qualifies as the second biggest 3DS launch ever, only behind Pokemon X & Y.

Pokemon Go - The hit mobile game is offering a new Thanksgiving event that promises extra XP and Stardust.

More importantly, you can now finally catch everyone’s favourite pink doppleganger, Ditto.

Sleeping Dogs 2 - The cancelled Square-Enix sequel to the last-gen open-world cult hit finally had some game design docs surface and it’s all very, very SpatialOS.

Pour one out for United Front Games whose closure last month was a huge blow for fans.

Playstation Pro - Confused by exactly what PS4 Pro enhancements are coming to which games? So are owners of Overwatch and Batman: Arkham Collection.

Poor messaging and an unwillingness to let older titles support the improved GPU by default for fear of issues are leading to consumer confusion.

Final Fantasy XV - Have you been following the 10-year development cycle of the oft-delayed Square-Enix title? Terrified of having the story spoiled?

Then stay away from the internet until launch day as the title has leaked early in various regions.

Overwatch - Symmetra is getting a redesign and hidden music files are pointing to a potential Christmas event and maybe a new Arena Mode.

Rampant speculation from Eurogamer also points at a future single-player campaign.

Steam Awards - Valve is jumping on the Game of the Year awards train with their own consumer voted awards.

Nine highly esoteric categories are available, with one to be crowd sourced from the community.

:satellite: Customer Spotlight

Chronicles of Elyria - Blog Updated.

Progress of base systems as well as the announcement of a new reward scheme for the community.

Lazarus - Blog Updated.

Website is live with access to the new continuous Open Pre-Alpha.