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Industry News Update (2016-12-02)



:video_game: Industry News Update

:bank:New Releases

Final Fantasy XV - After nearly a decade in development, the latest chapter in the long running series is finally here. Critical reception could best be described as pleasantly surprised.

Hopefully performance can justify the 10 year dev cycle and Square-Enix don’t have another disaster on their hands like Spirits Within.

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition - Coming out of nowhere, THQ Nordic are continuing their attempts to re-introduce the Darksiders brand to the world.

Existing owners on Steam get this version gratis.

Islands: Non-Places - Fancy something a little more relaxed, without all the hack and slash? Islands provides something completely different.

Shades of Monument Valley and other minimalist exploration games are on full display.

For a list of all upcoming game releases, visit Play Date and sync it with Google Calendar.

:newspaper:News Round-Up

Pokemon Sun/Moon - The Nintendo sequels are now the largest European launch of any of their properties, ever.

1.5m copies sold in total, 368,000 of which were in the UK. Japan adds another 2m to the pile whilst the US hasn’t even released any data yet.

Playstation - Sony have also had great sales performance, with Playstation having its best hardware week since launch.

This also makes it the second year running where Sony have pulled ahead of their Microsoft rivals in the Black Friday sales race.

No Man’s Sky - After roughly three months of complete radio silence, Hello Games finally spoke again to reveal a huge game update.

Player reaction has been positive and Sean Murray & Co. have also had a good legal week with the UK’s ASA having ruled that they did not breach advertising standards.

The Division - Speaking of resurging game communities, the latest update for Ubisoft’s apocalyptic open-world quasi-MMO has brought back players in droves.

The latest DLC has also been received very well.

Marvel Vs. Capcom - MvC4 looks to be in the works, likely to be announced at Sony’s PSX event on December 3rd/4th.

Hopefully you’re not too attached to your favourite mutants as rumours hint that Magneto, Wolverine & Co. are stuck in legal limbo.

Skylanders - Despite making truck-tonnes of money, the ‘Toys 2 Life’ genre is looking to claim another victim.

Poor performance and the saturation of the market could bring an end to the series.

Bulletstorm - Combining two things no-one ever asked for, Gearbox is re-releasing Bulletstorm with a newly added cameo from Duke Nukem.

Player excitement couldn’t be lower upon the announcement of a full $60 price point.

The Game Awards - Aside from showering the industry with trophies, the annual Geoff Keighley show also debuted a bunch of new game footage.

Mass Effect, Zelda & Death Stranding being the most notable three of the evening.

:satellite: Customer Spotlight

Chronicles of Elyria updated their blog.

Webstore, weather and competition updates are all included in the first festive blog post of the season.

Lazarus remains in continuous open pre-alpha.

Steam keys are provided for free on their website.